Mosquito Magnetic Screen Door Net Curtain

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Protect your family from dengue and malaria with the most advanced mosquito mesh in the market.

The magnetic screen door combination of 14 powerful magnets and 12 magnetic strips ensures quick opening and automatic closing. It is much better than plastic snaps. The magnets are built-in and invisible to prevent you from making noise when going through the magnetic screen door. Unlike cheaper insect screens, it provides a perfect seal from top to bottom with no holes. The additional gravity bar at the bottom prevents blowing the screen door open.


Presenting the Magic Mash a Screen Door that Keeps Fresh Air in & Bugs Out. Magic Mesh Hands Free Screen Door Opens Easily then closes itself behind you using 18 powerful magnets. so, if your hands are full or you have forgetful family member. You can still let fresh air in and keep annoying bugs out. This goes up in seconds with no tools required and stays up all season long. You can folds up for easy storage. Magic Mesh is a great option for out of your home. First hands free screen door that fits Single Doors, Sliding Doors, RVs and more. Best for Insect, Fly, Bug, Mosquito, Door Net Netting Mesh Screen. Leave your door open enjoy fresh cooler air.



Instantly Opens with a simple walk through.

✅Fits single doors, sliding doors, RV's and more! Instantly opens, magically closes. Great for pets too.

✅Magically Closes as the Powerful Magnets click together Installs In Seconds.

Hands Free Screen Door opens easily and then automatically closes itself behind you using powerful magnets.

✅It’s good for all seasons and weather conditions. And you can fold it up easily if necessary for easy storage.

✅Installs in seconds with no tools required

Great for pets.


    Magnetic screen door can be easily installed in just a few minutes. It doesn’t require any special tools or expertise for installation. Cleanse door frame surface before installing to ensure secure long lasting fit.

    *IMPORTANT: Measure your door before ordering Magnetic screen door to be sure our screen will fit.


    The Magnetic screen door perfect for pets and small kids to go in and out of millions of times. The screen door freed our hands. If you have friends live in the valley, the river, the pasture, the farm and other mosquito breeding places, the screen door is as a gift to her, must be impressed.


    The screen door, made of fiberglass, is the strongest screen door on the market. If you have more children or more pets, choose this magnetic screen door. Not easily broken. Strong magnetic and full frame designmore durable and durable. The edge of mesh curtain is thickened, more wear-resisting.


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